Infrastracture survey Infrastracture survey Infrastracture survey
Digital elevation model proposed ring road survey using UAV
Infrastracture survey
Infrastracture survey

UAV Survey

Our UAV systems autonomously cover large areas to capture high resolution data in visible or Near infrared (NIR) spectrum for producing highly detailed and accurate orthophotos, 3D Digital Elevation Models, topographic data, NDVI maps. The data provides valuable insights to our clients in terms of assessment, planning, site design and maintenance. Working with a variety of compact and portable UAV platforms suitable for varying situations, we provide quick, cost effective and safer solutions for geospatial data collection with resolutions as high as upto 1 cm/pixel. Aerial Surveys

Why use aerial surveys?

• Safely track the progress of your project

• Capture vast amounts of survey data and imagery over complex and large projects in a short period of time, ideal for reporting of quantities and conformance

• Provides the best solution from a few hectares to hundreds of square kilometers

What are the benefits?

• Safest method for capturing survey data

• Cost effective

• High accuracy- single point of truth and reference

• No delays from interfering with ground work

Where could I apply the services of aerial surveys?

• Surveying, mapping, volumes

• Orthophotography

• Visualisation and simulation

• Environmental and coastal monitoring

• Land and vegetation classification (NDVI)

• Visual inspection

What platforms do you provide?

• Fixed wing UAV

• Multi rotor UAV

• Aeroplane mounted camera pod (RGB, NIR and thermal)

Why so many platforms?

Land Surveys has a range of aerial platforms and state of the art imaging sensors and software, enabling us to deliver a unique, tailored data solution to your specific needs.

Why use Land Surveys?

A tailored solution

All mapping projects start with the end in mind and we will guide you through the options for survey, mapping, GIS and visualisation products, and advise on the best approach to meet your projects quality, accuracy, time and cost goals.

A complete solution

Our UAV operators are all qualified Surveyors or Photogrammetrists, making Land Surveys your complete solution for project planning, ground control, image acquisition, processing and reporting.

A reliable solution

Land Surveys are early adopters of the latest, proven technology, we have tried and tested work flows, allowing our surveyors to work smarter and more efficiently.